Our Serrano ham

True to our tradition

Serrano ham is recommended in a healthy and balanced diet is the Mediterranean diet as food. Its energy value is low (160 kcal. / 100g) and contain protein of high nutritional value (provides essential amino acids). It contains a good lipid balance (4.5%) with a high amount of oleic (cardiosaludable). It has very important vitamins, such as B group (thiamine B1-B3 niacin, riboflavin B2, B6 pyridoxine) and minerals to the body, such as zinc and iron.



Serrano Reserve

The healing of this type of ham is between 12 and 14 months, slow and slow aging. Specifically chosen meats are from adult pigs as their level of fat is essential for the drying period.

They are hams devoted intense aroma and flavor, typical of the quality of its meat and healing air of the mountain features.



 Price per Unit (piece): € 57.00



Serrano Gran Reserve

Ham natural healing with a maximum maturity of 15 months. Specially chosen meats are of adult pigs, because their level of fat is essential for the drying period.

The slow and natural healing to getting submits that this ham has the best qualities, is sweet and much appreciated aroma and flavor. A delicacy that awakens all our senses.



  Price per Unit (piece): € 69.00


Serrano Bodega

It is a natural cure ham aged 9 to 12 months, made from selected from pig-rearing expert of our company staff meats. Fragrant ham with a low salt content.



Price per Unit (piece): € 49.00

Iberian Cebo

Ham from Iberian pork bait, low in salt and healing with a minimum of 24 months. Its flesh is juicy and pink color between dark and pale red, with streaks of marbling fat, delicate and elegant taste.


 Price per Unit (piece): 160,00 €




Ham healing 12 months, with low salt content, starting from pieces or castrated male pig.

Jamón deshuesado

  Price per Unit (piece): € 53.00




Regulation 2419/1999, includes the “Jamon Serrano” and “Traditional Speciality Guaranteed”. Across the EU level, this product will have to be developed and marketed under that regulation, registered at Community level and therefore producers are required to meet mandatory minimum requirements for processing.

The serrano ham is a genuine and representative product of Spanish cuisine both inside and outside our borders. Certified the aim is that this product maintains the traditional production model, which allows to preserve the qualities of the raw material, which give flavor and aroma, making, a guarantee of quality for the consumer.

Therefore, cured ham marketed under the name “Jamón Serrano” should be prepared following strict specifications. CHILDREN OF CHESTNUT CATALINA RODRIGUEZ S.L. ensures compliance with the manufacturing protocol described in the specification, for which perform the appropriate self-monitoring.


Our instant Development


During discharge of product transported by truck inspection goods is done so that those hams that do not meet the characteristics required to be returned to the suppliers directly and if the problem persists, proceed to deshomologar to that provider and select a new one if necessary.

Tª meat thermometer received by a proven quality is measured.

proceso de fabricación



Once recepcionados fresh hams are deposited one to one on the scale of receipt to check the mass of the same piece by piece and proceed to the identification, placing them individually a name tag. Hams a heavy time, they will be grouped by placing weight stainless steel trolleys moving into the processing room to be bled.

proceso de fabricación


Bleeding is done to remove traces of blood ham that would favor its alteration during processing to create pockets of neutral pH. The bleeding operation is performed in the processing room. After being weighed, identified and classified, the hams are then bled. This process is performed mechanically.


Hams grouped by weights in stainless steel tubs are filled and covered completely by salt salt dosing equipment are introduced. Bathtubs, once filled, will be introduced in the House of salt to begin the phase of salting. With this phase achieving a light salty taste in the end product sought. The salting time depends on the weight, fat content and shape of fresh ham and it will be necessary to reach a threshold level of salinity, but, as a rule be a day per kg of fresh ham.

proceso de fabricación



The washing is intended to remove excess salt on the surface of the ham, also preventing crusting for proper drying. To do this, once the salting, the hams will be drawn and will move to the washing machine, for which they will going one by one to remove excess salt on the surface. The water used for washing of hams is drinking water for public consumption.


It is forming aims to achieve a homogeneous external aspect in all hams. To do this, once the second bleeding is complete, the hams are deposited on the forming machine that will put pressure on the surface, thus homogenizing the external appearance. Furthermore, this process is used to remove any traces of blood could still be in the piece, and perform a visual inspection again and remove spoiled hams if any. It requires a rigorous hygiene of staff handling hams surfaces and equipment if it was used.


After performing the above operations will stack the hams are hung from ropes on trucks that are transferred to post-salting chambers. All cars and hams will go identified by label that the lot number indicated. The post-salting takes place in chillers.


The start of this phase occurs when the weight losses of hams introduced in post-salting chambers are above the 18% normally 80-120 days. In the dryer the product is exposed to ambient weather conditions, with a manual ventilation control.

proceso de fabricación


In phase labeling / packaging we proceed to the preparation of the finished product prior to placing on the market and distribution to the consumer. These operations are usually carried out in the mailroom and / or boning room.


All products made by CHILDREN OF CATALINA RODRIGUEZ BROWN, SL are intended for direct use, without previous culinary processing by the final consumer

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